The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size    Albert Einstein

Almost everybody just wants to be happy and fulfilled, and wants those around us to be happy and fulfilled.  Fear and doubt are the primary barriers for most of us.

The fear of not having enough  the fear of not being enough.

Overcoming these obstacles takes courage, it takes attention, and it takes tools.  Mark Ganas and Sherry Courtney have spent their lives and careers finding and developing tools to help themselves and others discover the way to happiness and fulfillment.

We believe that the path to a good life lies within each person.  We want to help you find that path by helping you to manage and overcome the impediments that keep you protected but not connected.  We want to help you recognize the signposts, including courage, and respect, that tell you that you’re on that good path. 

We offer workshops for individuals, based on Brené Brown’s proven, effective model for overcoming shame and doubt, and counseling for couples to help develop and solidify the daily practice of a deeply satisfying, respectful relationship.